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Attain Leads by Pay Per Click Campaigns

Gaining online recognition is a mandate to make your product or service profitable. Our creative and experienced sales team at Klicktheorem works strategically to generate maximum leads in a short span of time. We ensure that our incredible pay per click advertising campaigns can drive targeted traffic to your product or service page. Due to our strategic ideas and careful keyword selection, smart ad placement, and actionable ad copy leads to high conversion rates. An innovative marketing technique can take the business higher than ever of success.

We at Klicktheorem work in the right direction and intellect to ensure that campaign is successful and can bring an excellent ROI (Return on Investment) in a quick time. Advertising through pay per click is an ideal way to revitalize or launch an online marketing campaign. We ensure to start the campaign in the right order to avoid high costs. During PPC advertising keyword bidding is done as per the relevance of an advertisement to rank high in paid listings on a search engine's results.

Determining of ad effectiveness depends on various parameters such as:


Proper analysis of click-through rates ( CTR)


Advertisement relevance


Managing the bidding process


Historical keyword factors

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